Community Guidelines

Post only your own original copyrighted work.

  • All poetry, images and music must be an original creation of your own. (This includes comments as well. Please do not use gifs in comments.) All images including links to blogs etc., must be original creations by you. If your blog does not have an original image you must remove it before posting. The onus is on you to know how to do this. (If you cannot do it then post your poetry direct without the link to your blog.)
  • Derivative works (images you have taken from the internet and altered) are not an original image for the purposes of this community.
  • Please make sure to add your copyright, name or some form of ownership for both your text and image before you post.
  • Plagiarism will lead to immediate banning.
  • All writers participating in collaborations must be members of Poet’s Dream, including those who may contribute original images or photographs.

A maximum of 1 post each 15 hours per person.

  • Moderators/owners may exceed this when performing community duties.
  • We encourage interactivity, and this is not a dumping ground. We ask you to read and comment on at least 3 other posts when posting to add to the supportive and inclusive nature of our community. Your interactivity has a direct bearing on your eligibility for some awards and promotions.

No hate speech, racism, discrimination, proselytizing of religion or politics etc.. Such behavior will result in immediate banning.

Proselytizing simply means to sway (convert or recruit) another’s belief to your own views on religion or politics etc..

No pornographic/explicit/obscene/offensive content is allowed.

We ask you to remember that we have poets of all ages in this community and we request that you take this into consideration when posting. Such posts will be immediately removed.

Work on Images

For Google translation purposes, add the text of your poetry above your image poetry as well.


Please share direct your post direct to this community or directly as a reshare from your page only. Reshares from other communities will be removed.


All collaborators of any piece of work must be members of Poet’s Dream, this includes those who may contribute images.