PD Word Prompt – Mellifluous

Read some of the verses written by the talented members of Poet’s Dream for our first word prompt, hosted by Alima J. (Poems are placed here in order of appearance in the community; others will be added as they are posted. Please note that these are not edited and those pieces that have been translated using the Google translator may show some errors in the accompanying translation.)

The Handy Man IGL Limited (Mark A Bryan)

When the weather is horrible and dread,
Thus seek the most mellifluous treat to taste,
And bite into a honeybun in bed,
Save yourself pain and don’t make any waste.
Lick your lips clean and wipe your hands with care,
Then try to remember your favorite bite,
Satisfy your wife’s desire and share,
Ask her to leave a small square in sight.
Use your manners and let her feed you nice,
Watch her incredibly finish the first,
Give thanks that every bit was worth the price,
When you both rise and try to quench the thirst.
 The day end feeling happiness will come,
 And darkness find you both very wholesome.

DelectationSaroja BS

an epitome of love;

When you
look into my eyes
it’s not mamihlapinatapai
total Heartsease instead.

Your minutiae,
Mellifluous talk
really ineffable.

In your
Electrical presence
heart beats fast;
The sky of my heart
become stelliferous,
all at once shine
as if there is no
next moment !!

RuskaLaughing waters

touched tips
of the leaves
ran across quiet town
watch how graceful she dance
rust and gold weaved in her dress
mellifluous song plays under my high heel shoes
wish you was near to share beauty of fall,,,,


Her heart beats
in mellifluous rhythm
As she walks the aisle
To the man of her dreams
Binded by love
Into Forever’s promise
Of a love that will last
To infinity and beyond.

MellifluousJ.M. L (Jackie Little)

The birds mellifluous song filled the air
The crows clamor as they group in the maple
out-numbering and out-singing the spirited birds
Although a crows song sounds more like a call

As the grey haired woman threw bread out her window
A swarm of crows descended upon the ground to feed
Frightening the smaller birds away

“Big bullies”, little Timmy said disgruntled
As grandma closed her window and Timmy watched on
They saw a woodpecker on another homes window ledge
Mistaking it for wood, it was hammering away with its beak attempting
To build a nest, determined to make progress to no avail
How sad little Timmy was for this fine feathered friend he sees now and again as a bird watcher like his grandma

The wind chimes grandma set out on the pine caught up
in the wave of air drifting to and fro
Mesmerized all who heard its perfect tones
Out of sync

The squirrels play tirelessly
Running, chasing, darting after each other
Up and down trees
Never quite tagging the other in this game of chase

The rain and wind storm took them by surprise
With the flooding in the streets
leaving rock, sand and debris on the paved road
with leaves and small branches falling into the streets
narrowly missing the car

The wild wind ushered in the autumn
Where the brilliantly colored leaves of nature
decorated the earth haphazardly

PianoHelena Dias

White and black keys seduce the eyes,
many precautions at the fingertips,
a soulful beauty in the first chords.

Mellifluous and mesmerizing.
waves of music evolve in the air,
filling the emptiness of all the halls

From the flood of remembrance,
internal longings bleed away,
searching for a safe haven.

The piano starts releasing unknown sounds
to the lyrics kept and saved in the hearts

Maria Elvira Fernandes Correia

mellifluous song
so sweet memories of love
the dreams play in tune

Recommençons – Fifi Lagachette (Philippe)

Voulez vous dansez avec moi,
Sur un rythme endiablé.
Laissez vous tournoyer,
En fermant les yeux.
Illuminons les projecteurs,
De votre être de lumière.
Écoutons cet air,
Celui qui nous a fait s’aimer.
Rappelons nous le goût du miel,
De nos lèvres collées.
J’aurai souhaité le perpétuer,
Sa voix mielleuse pour chantonner.

Start again.

Do you want to dance with me,
On a furious rhythm.
Let yourself be whirled,
By closing his eyes.
Illuminate the projectors,
From your being of light.
Listen to this air,
The one who made us love each other.
Remember the taste of honey,
From our stuck lips.
I wish to perpetuate it,
His honeyed voice to hum.

Mellifluous Her SongFerrick Gray

Sweet nightingale who mourns her dying beau,
Mellifluous, the song she sings for he —
Acceptance for reasons he must go,
She sings her psalm of love to see him free.
How can a song of sorrow make its way
From breaking hearts into the waiting night?
How could a song of beauty e’r delay,
The call of death, or circumstance rewrite.
But hidden in this melody of sorrow,
Doth hide her answer to the Maker’s call,
And she shall n’er be lonely on the morrow,
For He will heal her heartache, loss and all.
 If ever love as this were blessed ‘pon me,
 Foul Death would shun love’s immortality.


Sweet like honey
Flowing like fresh water
Of the rarest springs, in the streams
Of her consciousness.
Like the music of a flute
Surrounding the distant dales.
His voice was hes addiction
A mellifluous interreption
To the continuity of her dreams.
A wormhole that transported
Her, from reality to fantasy
Banishing the limits of time.
An unseen presence
That built a halo of warm protection
Around her, forever.

Those mellifluous words of love.Sherin Mani

I still remember those mellifluous words,
that you whispered into my ears.

Those words that were elixir to,
the core of my heart.

They still ring in my ears,
Sending chills down my spine.

Like shining drops of moon,
falling from the sky.

Like a million angels singing
lullabies to a newborn child.

Like the sounds of silver rivers flowing,
Singing with each drop, pouring the magic of love.

The pleasure of a young woman,
At the first touch on her bosom.

The sounds of pianos and choir bells.
The happiness of a couple as they are hitched.

The first time you laid your eyes on me.
That moment of love.
When my heart went upside down.

When you confessed your love.
And took my world for a rollercoaster ride.

To all those beautiful moments,
God blessed me with.

All those fortunate moments,
God blessed me with you.

Lee Robertson

Two bodies lie
Face to face
On the floor

Vanilla and musk
Scenting the air

Fulfilling our lust
Unimaginable we dream

Each fantasy openly
Shared in true intimacy

Your kisses like music
Both pleasing and smooth

Your lips like rose petals
Soft, delicate, and sweet

In pleasant melody
Your skin against mine

Your sighs when we touch
So mellifluously

Left to imagination
Quite simply divine

Ignited with passions
A fire down below

Two bodies lie
Face to face
On the floor

Victor At Broadview

Talk Amongst Yourselves
But Only For A Few More Days

I’m verklempt with mellifluousness,
stoked, rattled and all shook up!
So much sweet talk, irks the brain cells,
rots the teeth and splits the toenails.
She said, “use mellifluous in a sentence.”
I’m overcome with emotion. Coffee talk!
Mell-if-lu-owe-us-something, its got to happen
this week. Oh so mensch! Killer honey bee!

All I’ve KnownElusive Me

Mellifluous the song of loneliness
She gently calls within the dark of night,
The silken threads of all I’ve ever known,
A tapestry of 50 shades of grey ~
She lingers soft upon my layered soul,
Between the folds of words I’ve bled with tears,
It traces soft upon the broken shards,
My heart though lost has know this all before,
It’s home; an empty cage of cold despair,
A place left empty, waiting to be filled
By he who holds the key of all I’ve dreamt
Who’s saved the sum of all I’ve longed to be.
Or have I fallen for the melody
Of loneliness and all the pain she brings…

Missing HerRasma Raisters

When she had gone,
he felt so alone.
The nights were long,
there was no more fun or song.
During the sleepless nights,
as he tossed and turned,
he could hear her mellifluous voice –
whispering in his ear.

Candlelit PagesAlima J

Turning the pages of the book of us,
I’m reading it in candle light
And I sink into the deep of you.
Imagining a world behind a million words
While the scent of saffron and hibiscus
Flows through.

I turn each page and I struggle to read.
I absorb the words from your
Mellifluous voice and not the words I see.
The words defining a unique being
And I lose sight of a fictional world,
Overpowered by your reality.

Between the pages of this book,
We are the story.
You let me travel to places far,
You keep me prisoner in a cage.
With each sentence and chapter
You give flight to my imagination.
To catch my breath I fold
The corner of the page.

I close the book and run
My finger down your spine.
I hold my breath before
The next word and…
No more words, no light.
The last bit of wick burnt out.
Just the scent of candle
And we are lost in darkness.

My story doesn’t begin until
You open my book.
I’ll take you to places unknown.
The places you wish to be.
I lost myself reading you
Over candlelit pages.
Ignite a candle, ignite my soul.
Dont put me down until you…
Finish reading me.

Siren’s HeartbreakTaylor H.

Thus a siren sang
About love and loss,
Drowning men,
And all it cost.

She sang sweet dreams
And make believes.
She said it was
All that she lost.

Her voice rose high,
A mellifluous note,
Brimming with fear
And cutting across.

Never again, she sang.
Will I give it all up.
Broken and lonely,
Her voice came with loss.

Maybe in another life,
She mused.
I will know better.
Her heart grew frost.


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