Community News: October 22 – 28

Dream Catchers – Volume 4

Submissions for Volume 4 – Freedom closing October 31. For details see here.


Poets of the Week

Bhawana Rathore and Debbie Green Razey


Poems of the Day

Dario Menicucci (Sunday)

Christopher Roper (Monday)

Shilpa Sandesh (Tuesday)

m F (Wednesday)

Maristella Angeli and Naïve Gnostic (Thursday)

Helena Dias (Friday)


Popular Pens

Kaleidoscope s (Sunday)

Mai & Gabe Mittel (Monday)

Shilpa Sandesh (Tuesday)

Hadia (Wednesday)

Ray Gallon (Thursday)

Kaleidoscope s (Friday)


Member Selections

Chosen by Bruce Newman

Dennis Gatheright (Tuesday)


Chosen by Karen Hines

Christopher Roper (Wednesday)

Mai (Thursday)

Archie Papa (Friday)


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  1. Your dedication and tireless determination is not going unnoticed. You have created a brilliant website and given us a platform to be proud of. Thank you, Ferrick!

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