Community News: September 24 – 30

Dream Catchers – Volume 4

Submissions for Volume 4 – Freedom open October 1. For details see here.


Poets of the Week

Skylark Hatee and Mike’s Writes


Poems of the Day

Melody Jean

Gianfranco Aurilio

Sean M. Price

Kaleidoscope s

Karen Hines


Popular Pens

Bhawana Rathore

Debbie Green Razey

Joaquín Lourido

Bhawana Rathore, Debbie Green Razey, Allan Ball, Clytemnestra Aa, Kaleidoscope s

Alima J

Genie Pan

Alima J


Member Selections

Chosen by Kaleidoscope s

Ferrick Gray

Thomas Bergum

Elusive Me



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