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Dr. Satish has long been an academic but with a passion for poetry. He has a love of Nature, Science and Poetry. He is a passionate man in many areas and has two sons (both married), Dr. Ruchir Srivastava, the elder son is a Scientist in Singapore & Shikhar Srivastava, the younger son is now serving in the Canara Bank.

It has been my pleasure to ask Dr. Satish some questions about his experiences and his poetry.


Most of us would attribute the start of our writing to some (what I might call) significant event in the past. When did you first start writing and were there any incidents in your life that made you want to write? Perhaps someone else in the family also writes.
Well my friend Ferrick, I recall my early University life (in 1975), in Science College, B.H.U. (Benares Hindu University), VARANASI when most of my old colleagues had joined the Arts Faculty.

Since I was a shy-natured boy and was hardly mixing with new guys, I only had two or three friends in the Science College. Most of my time was spent with older friends and I was often seen in the Arts College (although I was supposed to be in the Science College).

In their society, I inclined towards Urdu Literature and had gone through many Nazams and Ghazals (Urdu Poetry) and I started composing a few lines in collaboration with them. While we went out for our evening walk, we often prefer to sit at the bank of river Ganga (which was hardly at a walk of 15 minutes from our house) for more than one or two hours and that boosted my inner poet, as a result I started composing independently, my poetry in free style verses.

Let me tell you frankly that none of my family members was / is in writing poetry. It was always discouraged by my father and had been never appreciated by family members (as it was less fruitful in terms of monetary gain in their views) except for a few friends of mine in my group.

Today we see a lot more use of technology in many aspects of our lives; the computer, phone and tablets being just a few tools now at our disposal for producing our work. Tell us about your process: Pen and Paper, computer, notebooks … What is your preferred method of composition and why?

No doubt, the technology has made our lives easier and unlike past we have various tools, we can use but I still prefer pen and paper while composing and structuring a poem as many cuttings / alterations are required.

Sometimes, when I used to go through the creation of other fellow poets on social sites. Google+ which is my favorite and an immediate vibe, would come out which I hoped to catch. I prefer my Android phone to reply at once (So, the vibes may not slip from my mind as I usually forget soon and find it difficult to retain for longer periods).

Even many a poem (in reply) I have created within eight to fifteen minutes of the reading of other poet’s creation.


What would you say is your favorite or more comfortable form to write in? For example; prose poetry (free verse), haiku or structured forms. What sort of reasons would you say there are for you to determine ‘how’ you should write your poetry?
In fact, I don’t like the prose poetry (which is very commonly seen now-a-days). Though I like poetry with rhythm and structure poems but very often I write free verse considering the rhythm in it.

I believe that if it is poetry it must have confined to some rules and have flow in rhythm otherwise how will you differentiate between poetry and prose? The reason …

For how should I determine to compose my poetry is really a tough question to me to reply. In fact, I’m little bit a moody person and if I don’t find my mood in writing, I don’t write.

Instead writing a gossiping I prefer serious, meaningful, message giving writes that requires a thought process. Therefore, I may only write one or two poems in a day (but not compulsory at all).


From what we read, you are enthusiastic about your poetry. How do you think you could impart your enthusiasm and interest in poetry to others and how important do you think poetry is to/for the younger generation?
Well friend! I believe, the enthusiasm and interest are born inside. It is a gift born by God. One can be mesmerized by a mob, like jugglers or magicians for few moments but in fact, you can’t win the race with an ass though feeding well the same nutrients as you feed to a horse. (Ha … Ha … Ha … LOL).

As for importance of poetry are concerned:

  • It gives solace to your heart when you are in woe.
  • It builds up your thought process and boosting you to be creative and of course,
  • It may take you to its own world and may change your life.

What I believe, that younger generation must go through poetry not only for an entertainment but to increase their literary knowledge / vocabulary and creativity.


What do you think is the measure of success of a poet? Keeping this in mind, who would be some (one or two) of your favorite poets (or writers)?
Success of a Poet depends on his/her readers and the trend or style s/he chooses and established among the readers. What I think, deep heartfelt/heart touching creations may lead a poet or poetess. For example, I love the Shakespearean Sonnet (This is one of my dream projects.)


How would you describe your poetry?
As you have observed that I am an enthusiastic fellow. Being a science student beside enthusiastic, I feel that I’m an innovative and creative fellow who believes in experiments (by mind) though a sentimental and very soft-hearted man who feels the gravity of the subject more intensively (maybe I’m not able to express in my poetry to that extent).
You’ll find that I’m not a typical creator and experiment with my poetry. I have written different types of structured poems as well. You’ll find my poetry heart-touching and usually leaving a profound message to society.

You have often written or experimented with different styles. How important is feedback to you regarding your work in these new styles and your work in general?

You’ve rightly observed my dear friend, I love experimenting in every aspect of my life. So is the case of my poetry too. I have composed my Poetry in Fibonacci, Cinquain, Ninettes, Etheree, Haiku, Swannet and Sonnet besides Free Verses. Even willing to go for more experiments in future too.

As you wished to know about feedback, how important is it for any poet or poetess? I believe feedback is equally important like breathing (inhaling and exhaling) to Human lives. If writing poem is exhaling the vibes of heart then feedback is inhaling the idea, thoughts to the mind that always help a poet or poetess in his/her creation. Without feedback one can’t get the idea to which direction he (the poet) is driving his car.


Has your career helped or hindered your poetry in any way? You may like to cite some examples.
Very valid and genuine question you have asked my dear friend, I feel it’s not only to me but related to every poet like me. In India, poetry is appreciated by very few of the intellectual class but majority of a middle-class family have never appreciate it, as they see almost no gain through this art to meet their daily chorus (requirements).

Since I born in a middle-class family so faced the same music. When I came out in search of my bread and butter in 1980s after the completion of my college life, poetry was bound to be kept aside and the day I started my job in 1980-81 my passion for writing was almost gone and buried in the grave of my heart. I couldn’t turn up to it till I was running behind satisfying the fire of stomach (need of my family).

After a span of almost thirty-five years; when I had retired from my job (January, 2016) and was confined to the four walls of my house, the sleeping imp (ghost) of my passion (writing) was awoken and I moved on my dream path, left far behind a long ago.
I asked Dr. Satish to allow me to include one of his poems, one that had great meaning for him. He chose Let Your Day Blooms – his feelings and wish for all readers.


Let Your Day Blooms

Let your day blooms
Like these flowers
Wishes what do I’ve
Sending this hours’.

May God bless a boon
upon you & showers
His blessings d’ best
of all He has d’ power.

I wish you reach at goal
may be highest of tower
Let d’ masses welcome U
even more than these flowers.


Dr. Satish’s poetry website can be found at Vibes of My Heart.

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