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Ferrick Gray

As an avid animal and sports lover, Chris Frazier aka the Paradox Poet is well known to all of us in Poet’s Dream. Her poetry captures many aspects of life, but one in particular and one of the poet’s greatest themes; that of love. Chris has a number of collections on Google+, all consisting of beautiful, touching and carefully crafted work. It has been my pleasure to ask Chris a few questions about her craft, and I hope you get to know a little more about the Paradox Poet.

Most of your poems include an image or photograph. Do you write the poem first and find an appropriate image or are you inspired by the image? Perhaps both. How important are these images for your poetry?
I actually really try to stick to a self-imposed rule of writing a piece first and, finding art after it’s completed. A photo or piece of art has to be very striking to me to feel that I must write to it, and break that rule; but not often.

You have a large volume of work in your collections. Do you try to write every day, or only when you are inspired and feel like writing?
So far, I’ve been fortunate to be inspired to write practically every day! I do devote a certain amount of time daily to write, around life’s schedules.

Do you have a favorite topic you like to write about or reference? If so, what makes this topic so appealing?
Most that know me and my work, know I write about love 98% of the time.I claim no expertise in this area, πŸ˜‰ but do base my work on my own experiences or that of those closest to me.

As a nature, animal and sport lover; how do these impact on your writing?
I love incorporating nature in my work whenever I can, animals too they can be the perfect metaphor. Sports, I can’t say I’ve written too much about, despite being a fan of many.

Some people will write occasionally or perhaps a few verses now and then, but will not think themselves a writer or poet. Was there any particular time when you realized that you should continue writing? Did anyone or anything influence you to excel in this area?
Within just a few months of joining some of the poetry communities, I met so many wonderful poets/friends that encouraged me along the way, they still do! There was an instance I recall, it was the first time someone, a dear friend, called me “poet”. It struck me, and I’ve never forgotten it. πŸ˜‰

You comment often on others’ poetry. How important do you think feedback is, and what are your thoughts on critiquing poems written by others?
I always enjoy reading and commenting (positively) on other poets’ work. I would never critique or even offer assistance unless asked. Now, my friends all know, if I see a silly small spelling error, and if I know you won’t be offended, I’ll PM you if you’re a close friend πŸ˜‰ all have been gracious and I’m certainly no expert.

What does poetry mean to you?
I can hardly explain or define its importance to me as an outlet of expression. It lays dormant inside for years, outside of writing for family occasions – a Hallmark-type poet that appeared a few times a year. Then a few years ago, I started to take writing much more seriously. Now I can’t picture myself not writing.

Are there any writers/poets who have influenced you or your work?
My Poet of biggest influence, going from High school to the present was/is the late Rod McKuen. I connected to his style of writing, the subjects he wrote of, mainly love. He has a “realness” in his work that I love; a unique vulnerability.

Have you ever considered publishing a book of your works? If so, what are your thoughts about self-publishing and seeking an established publisher?
I would love to publish a book, yes, but I admit to knowing little of going about it. It would be a thrill of course!

How would you describe your poetry, and does it reflect you as a person?
When I write of love, and I do often, I try to make my points softly in an easy and pleasant way to read. I try to write about things people can relate to, things that resonate. To me there is no finer compliment than when a reader comments that they felt exactly the way I’ve written and expressed an emotion. Drawing on and writing of my own experiences, I truly hope my work does reflect me as a person. πŸ˜‰

And now a little treat for our readers, one of Chris’ favorites … Enjoy!


The air is still now
where once winds blew through me
hope had a place
dwelling within me
had they a color, it would be
a crystal ice blue
on strong north winds unfading
color-fast, true
this hope of you
I stay still to see it begin
but don’t see the color
I can’t feel the wind
without motion, in the silence
I can’t reach you
in this timeless, limitless blue
the air, still now –
quieting my hope
of you…

~cf 2016 Β©

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