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Craig Burt (aka CB Fall) is well-known in Poet’s Dream for his collaborations and commenting. So here we have it, just a little more about CB Fall.

All of us have reasons for writing, but often our inspiration is very different. Are there any particular things that appeal to you that may capture your attention or inspire you?

It changes from day to day. I can’t give a definitive answer because everything in my life inspires me to write.

It hasn’t gone without notice that you enjoy collaborating with other poets. What is it that you enjoy about the collaboration aspect of poetry?

Collaborating is absolutely fun to me. Reading other poets’ words gelling to what I contribute is exhilarating to me mentally. I will collaborate more often with talented poets who are great at what they do.

Is there a specific theme or content for poetry that you enjoy writing about and does this dictate the style or format you will present your poetry?

The content (for the most part) that I enjoy writing about is love. Love to me just overpowers anything else I want to write about. My style of writing is optimistic and simple. I will always present my poetry in that style.

You are clearly enthusiastic about your poetry, evident by the number of communities you are involved with and positions you hold in some of them. How important is poetry to you?

100% important! Poetry alleviates me from all the idiocy and mental stress of life itself. It’s very cool to me to not only be friends with other poets but only send and share ideas to collaborate in ways that are enjoyable.

Sometimes we find that a poet can write very differently or in a way that is very different to their personality. Does you writing reflect who you are or do you write from a different point of view?

Yes, My writing reflects who I am wholeheartedly as a person! A kind-hearted and intelligent man 95% of the time. The other half (when it comes to writing poetry) is just me being humorous.

What would you like readers to gain from your words? What does poetry in general, and your poetry mean to you?

I hope readers gain a profound sense of pride from my words. Poetry gives me the freedom to show a sensitive side of myself that most people in my life care less about. People that I’ve met would like to see a rough and tough side of my personality that I do have but I’m more comfortable speaking and writing this way.

Do you think that poetry is important to the younger generation? Why or why not?

Most definitely. Poetry is another way to give the younger generation to show how to express their creative side. They must hold tight to their confidence and keep pushing forward to perfect it!

How would you describe your poetry?

Simple and deeply heartfelt.

The poem Craig would like to share is a poem he says he will always be proud of and the first poem that he received recognition for back in February 17, 1995. It’s called: “Time To Escape”.

Time To Escape
By Craig J. Burt

Time to escape
To a whole new world
Of love & peace
Leave all the bad stuff behind

Soar like a butterfly
A new beginning
Your lost eyes will
Lead you to your new home

Mazes will trap you
Choose the right path
& fly away

Time to escape
To a whole new world
Of love & peace
Heart & soul as one.

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