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A lover of reading, music; an aspiring chef and having only started writing at fifteen, Taylor has shown many of us over the years, how her writing has evolved. Everyone in Poet’s Dream would be familiar with her work; ranging from the shorter quote style to her longer and more creative poems. I was able to ask Taylor a few questions, and so some answers from a talented young lady and at times, perhaps one of few words … so let’s get straight to the point with Taylor.


Even though we know many people have been poets from their beginning, there are people who consider poetry as something that is taken up in later years. Clearly, you are a younger writer. What circumstance or event influenced you to start writing, or have you always been inclined to write?

I’ve always loved to read. I’ve been surrounded by books all my life because my mom and grandma love to read. That is where I got my love of reading. I didn’t write until I was 15 years old. I don’t really have a life changing moment where I decided to write. It just happened and I haven’t stopped since.


You have posted a number of series on the Google+ platform. What is it about the nature of a series that you find the most exciting?

These series (I like to call them continuations) are long and detailed stories condensed into an epic style. I love writing them because I love to write stories, but I really don’t have the patience to write every minute detail. So I basically improvise.


How does a poem begin for you, with an idea, a form or an image?

Really, a poem begins with a random thought or idea that just pops up into my head. Sometimes I write it down and elaborate on it.


You often include images or photographs with your work, in particular, what has become known as the ‘selfie’. Could explain a little about the importance of these images to your work?

Well, the policy for Poet’s Dream is that we can only post original works. Most of my poems are inspired by images and photographs that are not mine to own. I really like to add something to all my works, so, since I can’t use those images, I use my photos and pictures in place of those images. I include the links to the inspiration for each poem I post so that others might find inspiration as well.


Today we see a lot more use of technology in many aspects of our lives; the computer, phone and tablets being just a few tools now at out disposal for producing our work. Tell us about your process: Pen and Paper, computer, notebooks … How do you write?

Like I have mentioned before, I write when a thought occurs. Sometimes I have a pen and paper handy and others times I do not. I usually use my smartphone to write/type. And I usually do not edit my work. Even though I know I should, they just seem more real when I write them the first time.


I think many of us have read some of your short stories you post at times. What would you say is your preference; the short story or poetry, and is there some connection between these styles for you?

I think short stories are poems that are connected to each other. Each style tells a story. That’s the beauty of writing. Each style, no matter how different, tells a story about everything. I prefer poetry, for its brief beauty and sake of patience.


What do you think is the measure of success of a poet? Keeping this in mind, who would be some (one or two) of your favorite poets (or writers)?

I think that the measure of success in a poet is how far your work touches people. For all I know, people from Asia, Australia, Iraq, Canada, and other such places have read my work. I don’t know if I’ll ever know, but just imagining how far my work has been is mind-blowing.


What would you like the reader to find in your poetry?

I would only hope people find a kindred spirit in my work, to know that they are not alone. And I really hope that they find beauty, realness, life experiences, and things that they never even thought of in my work. I hope that people who read my work know that I am more than meets the eye. That I’m real and full of surprises despite my age and my lack of experience. I just hope you like what you read and feel, because that gives me hope that people around the whole world will read the words of a young girl from a simple life, and I thank those who have recognized me for who I am and what makes me who I am. That means more to me than any of you will ever understand. Thank you so much for watching me grow into my writing. I appreciate it so much.


For more of Taylor’s work, make sure you check her collection on Google+.


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